Skin Receptors

There are several sense receptors in the skin. Some of these are involved in determining mechanical vibration, some sense temperature, and some sense pain. The receptors for mechanical vibration pick up light touch or are involved in perception of pressure. There are hair receptors that wrap around the hair follicles, and as the hair moves it stimulates the neurons. Light touch is perceived by both Meissner's corpuscles and

Merkel's disks. These receptors are found in the superficial layers of the skin (epidermis and upper dermis). In the deeper layers are the Pacinian or lamellated corpuscles that pick up pressure. Pain receptors are located throughout the skin and pick up variable stimuli including extreme temperatures, acids, strong mechanical vibration, etc. Other receptors in the skin are thermoreceptors that pick up the sensation of smaller changes in temperature. Label these structures and color them on the figure.

Skin Pain Receptors

Answer Key: a. Meissner's corpuscles, b. Merkel's disks, c. Pain receptor, d. Hair receptors, e. Pacinian (lamellated) corpuscle, f. Epidermis, g. Dermis

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