Skulltop And Bottom Views

The superior aspect of the skull consists of few bones and few sutures. The frontal bone is the most anterior bone with the parietal bones directly posterior to it. The coronal suture separates the two and the sagittal suture separates the parietal bones. The lambdoid suture separates the parietal bone from the occipital bone. Label the bones and sutures and color the bones in the illustrations.

The inferior aspect of the skull is more complex than the superior view. In the inferior view the mandible has been removed so some of the underlying structures can be seen. The large opening in the occipital bone is the foramen magnum. The two bumps lateral to the foramen magnum are the occipital condyles and the raised bump at the posterior part of the skull is the external occipital protuberance. The more anterior and lateral bone to the occipital bone is the temporal bone. The jugular foramen is located between the occipital and temporal bone. Another opening nearby is the carotid canal. Lateral to this is the styloid process, an attachment point for muscles. Lateral to this is a depression called the mandibular fossa. It is here that the mandible articulates with the temporal bone. The sphenoid bone spans the skull and the major features seen from the inferior view are the greater wing, and the lateral and medial pterygoid plates. The hard palate is made of the palatine process of the maxilla and the palatine bones. The bone that opens into the nasal cavity is the vomer. Label and color these features of the skull.

Answer Key: a. Frontal bone, b. Coronal suture, c. Parietal bones, d. Sagittal suture, e. Lambdoid suture, f. Occipital bone, g. Palatine process of the maxilla, h. Palatine bone, i. Vomer, j. Greater wing, k. Lateral pterygoid plate, I. Medial pterygoid plate, m. Mandibular fossa, n. Styloid process, o. Carotid canal, p. Jugular foramen, q. Occipital condyles, r. Foramen magnum, s. External occipital protuberance

Lambdoid Suture
Posterior Maxillary Suture

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