The spleen is on the left side of the body and is close to the pancreas. The splenic artery takes blood to the spleen and the splenic vein takes blood from the spleen. The spleen is important in removing aging red blood cells from circulation and recycling them. The spleen has both red pulp and white pulp. The red pulp is involved in red blood cell removal and the white pulp produces lymphocytes. The spleen has splenic cords that have lymphocytes along their length. Label the parts of the spleen and associated structures and color them in. Select red for the red pulp and leave the white pulp white.

Spleen White Pulp StructureSplenic Sinuses And Vein

Answer Key: a. Spleen, b. Splenic artery, c. Splenic vein, d. Red pulp, e. Arteriole, f. Sinuses, g. White pulp f._

(filled with red blood cells)

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