The tonsils are lymph organs that provide protection against microbes entering the mouth and nose. Tonsils are regions of mucous membrane with lymph tissue. The pharyngeal tonsils are located in the nasopharynx (a region posterior to the nasal cavity and superior to the oral cavity) and they provide some protection from inhaled material. The lingual tonsils are on the posterior part of the tongue and, along with the palatine tonsils on the side of the oral cavity, they provide protection from material that enters the body by mouth. These tonsils cluster to form a tonsillar (Waldeyer's) ring that protects the body from microbial invasion. Label the tonsils and associated structures and color them in.

Are Tonsils Part The Oral Cavity
Waldeyer Ring
(behind soft palate) Uvula

Answer Key: a. Pharyngeal tonsil, b. Tongue, c. Palatine tonsil, d. Lingual tonsil, e. Tonsillar (Waldeyer's) ring

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    Are tonsils part of the oral cavity?
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    Where are tonsils located diagram?
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