Two Types Of Immunity

The body can control against foreign particles either by cell-mediated immunity or antibody mediated immunity. In antibody mediated immunity, foreign particles called antigens (typically proteins or carbohydrates on the surface of invading cells) stimulate B cells to become plasma cells and memory B cells. The plasma cells produce antibodies and these react with the antigens stimulating their destruction.

In cell-mediated immunity, the reacting cells are called helper T cells and they cause the activation of and the differentiation of other T cells into memory T cells and effector or cytotoxic T cells. The cytotoxic T cells can recognize foreign cells and destroy them. The steps in immune reactions are much more complex than this but this description provides a general understanding of the process. Fill in the illustration using the terms provided. Color the different cells and antibodies using one type of color (various types of orange for B cells) and another for T cells.

Antibody-mediated immunity

Cell-mediated immunity

Cells Cell Mediated Immunity

Antigen-bearing cell

Destroyed cell

Answer Key: a. Antigens, b. B cell, c. Memory B cell, d. Antibodies, e. Plasma cell, f. Helper T cell, g. Activated T cell, h. Effector (Cytotoxic) T cell, i. Memory T cell

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