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Anterior cerebral artery

Middle cerebral artery

Posterior communicating artery

Caroticotympanic branch of internal carotid artery

Posterior cerebral artery

Superior cerebellar artery

Anterior tympanic artery

Middle meningeal artery

Maxillary artery

Basilar artery

Anterior inferior cerebellar artery

Posterior inferior cerebellar artery

External carotid artery Internal carotid artery Superior thyroid artery Common carotid artery Vertebral artery Ascending cervical artery Inferior thyroid artery Thyrocervical trunk

Subclavian artery Brachiocephalic trunk


Anterior cerebral artery

Middle cerebral artery

Anterior communicating artery

Subclavian Artery Vertebral Artery

--Subclavian artery

Internal thoracic artery

Anterior communicating artery

Ophthalmic artery

Supraorbital artery

^___,,-Supratrochlear artery

Lacrimal artery

Dorsal nasal artery

Middle meningeal artery

Angular artery

Superficial temporal artery

Posterior auricular artery

Facial artery

Occipital artery

Lingual artery

•Ascending pharyngeal artery

Anterior spinal artery

Spinal segmental medullary branches

Vertebral artery

Common carotid artery

Deep cervical artery

Transverse cervical artery

Suprascapular artery

Supreme intercostal artery

Costocervical trunk

--Subclavian artery

Internal thoracic artery


1 Right-Left

2 Carotid-Vertebral

3 Internal carotid-External carotid

4 Subclavian-Carotid

5 Subclavian-Vertebral

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