Facio-auriculo-radial Dysplasia

• Acrocephalosyndactyly, Pfeiffer type

• Caffey disease

• Chromosome 18 trisomy syndrome

• Chromosome XXXXX syndrome

• Chromosome XXXXY syndrome

• Chromosome XXXY syndrome

• Cloverleaf skull syndrome

• Ehlers-Danlos syndromes

• Exostosis of the distal forearm

• Facio-auriculo-radial dysplasia

• Femorofacial syndrome

• Fetal alcohol syndrome

• Holt-Oram syndrome

• IVIC syndrome

• Lacrimo-auriculo-dento-digital syndrome

• Levy-Hollister syndrome

• Mesomelic dysplasia, Nievergelt type

• Multiple synostosis syndrome

• Nager syndrome

• Oculo-palato-skeletal syndrome

• Radioulnar synostosis-amegakaryocytic thrombocytopenia

• Radioulnar synostosis, isolated

• Radioulnar synostosis-radial ray abnormalities-severe malformations in males

• Radioulnar synostosis-short stature-micro-cephaly-scoliosis-mental retardation

• Radioulnar synostosis (unilateral)-developmen-tal retardation-hypotonia

• Thalidomide-induced embryopathy

• Thanatophoric dysplasia

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