Radiographic Synopsis

AP projection. For the normal values of the interorbital distance, see literature references (Gerald and Silverman 1965;Hansman 1966).

1. Hypertelorism; cranium bifidum occultum frontalis; varying degrees of midline clefting of nose and upper lip (frontonasal dysplasia)

2. Hypertelorism; facial asymmetry; craniosynosto-sis; brachycephaly; frontal bossing (females); hy-pertelorism (males); cleft lip/palate (found occasionally in both sexes) (cranio-fronto-nasal syndrome)

3. Hypertelorism; bilateral cleft lip/palate; brachy-cephaly (acro-fronto-facio-nasal dysostosis)

4. Severe hypertelorism; prominent forehead (Teebi hypertelorism syndrome)

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