Radiographic Synopsis

AP and axial projections

1. Central clavicular defect, sharply demarcated fragments (nonunion fractures); central clavicular defect, rounded margins (congenital pseudarthro-sis)

2. Resorption of the outer portion of normal clavicles, with loss of the subchondral line, ill-defined margins, and widened acromioclavicular joint (posttraumatic osteolysis); resorption of the outer portion of hypoplastic, thin clavicles (progeria;

other progeroid syndromes; pyknodysostosis; 'cleidocranial dysplasia with parietal foramina')

3. Total aplasia or partial defects of clavicles (clei-docranial dysplasia, Yunis-Varon syndrome, mandibuloacral dysplasia, focal dermal hypoplasia)

4. Thin, short clavicles (Melnick-Needles syndrome, trisomy 18 syndrome)

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