Radiographic Synopsis

AP and oblique projections

1. Severe rib widening; tubulation defect (metaphy-seal dysplasia, craniodiaphyseal dysplasia)

2. Wide ribs; sclerotic bony islands; coarse trabeculae (pachydermoperiostosis)

3. Posterior narrowing and lateroanterior broadening of the ribs; prominent trabeculation (storage diseases, fucosidosis)

4. Focal rib expansion; patchy sclerosis; coarse tra-beculae; thick cortices (Erdheim-Chester disease, tuberous sclerosis)

5. Fusiform rib enlargement; hazy appearance; thinning of cortices; areas of bone rarefaction and sclerosis (fibrous dysplasia)

6. Medullary expansion; thin cortices; osteoporosis (severe anemias)

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