Radiographic Synopsis

AP projection

1. Rudimentary/absent middle phalanges of fingers and toes; short proximal phalanx of thumb and big toe (brachydactyly A1)

2. Short, often rhomboid middle phalanx of 2nd finger and 2nd toe; radial deviation of 2nd finger (brachydactyly A2)

3. Short, often rhomboid middle phalanx of 5th finger, with radial deviation (brachydactyly A3)

4. Short middle phalanx of 2nd and 5th fingers, with or without 5th finger clinodactyly (brachydactyly A4)

5. Hypoplastic/absent middle phalanges of fingers; duplicated terminal phalanx of the thumb (brachydactyly A5)

6. Hypoplastic/absent middle phalanges of fingers and toes; radial deviation of distal phalanges of 2nd fingers; capitate-hamate fusion; bipartite cal-canei; mesomelic limb shortening (brachydactyly A6)

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