Radiographic Synopsis

AP and lateral projection

1. Decreased height of the vertebral bodies. Normal values for the vertebral body and disc space height are available (Brandner 1970; Remes et al. 2000). Assessment of the vertebral body index provides an estimation of the vertebral body proportions [the vertebral body index is calculated as the ratio between the largest vertical (V) and the smallest anteroposterior (S) measurement of the vertebral body].

2. Narrowing of intervertebral disk space (infection, trauma).

3. Intervertebral space of normal height (bone dys-plasias).

Measurement Collapse

Fig. 3.21. Osteogenesis imperfecta tarda. Severe osteoporosis has resulted in central collapse of vertebral end-plates, producing an 'H' or biconcave configuration of the vertebral bodies

Fig. 3.20. Severe platyspondyly and distinctive peripheral anomalies in a child aged 11 years and 6 months. Note severe platyspondyly with thick irregular ring apophyses. (From Ko-zlowski et al. 1999)

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