Radiographic Synopsis

AP and lateral projections.

1. Rhizomelic limb shortening (humerus >femur); oval lucent proximal portions of femur and humerus (in infancy); distal femur medial slanting (in infancy) and metaphyseal flaring (in childhood) (achondroplasia)

2. Rhizomelic limb shortening; small and irregular capital femoral epiphyses; epiphyseal dysplasia; metaphyseal widening and irregularities (pseudo-achondroplasia)

3. Severe rhizomelic limb shortening; metaphyseal splaying; calcific stippling (chondrodysplasia punctata, rhizomelic type)

4. Rhizomelic micromelia; marked metaphyseal flaring and cupping (opsismodysplasia, Weissenbach-er-Zweymuller syndrome)

5. Bilateral femoral hypoplasia/aplasia; short humeri (femorofacial syndrome)

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