Reproductive System


Sexual Reproduction 1018

• The Essence of Sex 1018

• Overview of the Reproductive System 1018

Sex Determination and Development 1019

• Role of the Sex Chromosomes 1019

• Hormones and Sex Differentiation 1019

• Development of the External Genitalia 1021

• Descent of the Testes 1021

Male Reproductive Anatomy 1023

• Spermatic Ducts 1028

• Accessory Glands 1028

Puberty and Climacteric 1030

• Endocrine Control of Puberty 1030

• Aging and Sexual Function 1031

Sperm and Semen 1032

• Spermatogenesis 1034

• The Spermatozoon 1035

Male Sexual Response 1037

• Anatomical Foundations 1038

• Excitement and Plateau 1040

• Orgasm and Ejaculation 1040

• Resolution 1041

Chapter Review 1043


27.1 Clinical Application: Androgen-Insensitivity Syndrome 1021

27.2 Clinical Application: Prostate Diseases 1029

27.3 Clinical Application: Reproductive Effects of Pollution 1037

27.4 Clinical Application: Viagra— A Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction 1040

27.5 Clinical Application: Sexually Transmitted Diseases 1041

Brushing Up

To understand this chapter, it is important that you understand or brush up on the following concepts:

• Hypothalamic releasing factors (p. 639)

• Pituitary gonadotropins (p. 640)

• Negative feedback inhibition of the pituitary (p. 645)

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Physiology: The Unity of System Companies, 2003 Form and Function, Third Edition

1018 Part Five Reproduction and Development

From all we have learned of the structure and function of the human body, it seems a wonder that it works at all! The fact is, however, that even with modern medicine we cannot keep it working forever. The body suffers various degenerative changes as we age, and eventually we expire. Yet our genes live on in new containers—our offspring. The production of offspring is the subject of these last three chapters. In this chapter, we examine some general aspects of human reproductive biology and then focus on the role of the male in reproduction. Chapter 28 focuses on the female and chapter 29 on the embryonic development of humans and on changes at the other end of the life span-the changes of old age.

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