Testing Your Recall

1. Which of the following is not an essential part of anatomical position?

a. eyes facing forward b. feet flat on the floor c. forearms supine d. mouth closed e. arms down to the sides

2. A ring-shaped section of the small intestine would be a ______ section.

a. sagittal b. coronal c. transverse d. frontal e. median

3. The tarsal region is popliteal region.

a. medial b. superficial c. superior d. dorsal e. distal to the

Saladin: Anatomy & Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function, Third Edition

to the

small intestine.

peritoneal cavity?

a. posterior

a. urinary bladder

b. parietal

b. kidneys

c. deep

c. heart

d. superficial

d. small intestine

e. proximal

e. brain

5. A line passes through the

9. In which area do you think pain from

sternum, umbilicus, and mons pubis.

the gallbladder would be felt?

a. central

a. umbilical region

b. proximal

b. right upper quadrant

c. midclavicular

c. hypogastric region

d. midsagittal

d. left hypochondriac region

e. intertubercular

e. left lower quadrant

6. The region is immediately

10. Which organ system regulates blood

medial to the coxal region.

volume, controls acid-base balance,

a. inguinal

and stimulates red blood cell

b. hypochondriac


Atlas A General Orientation to Human Anatomy 53

13. The right and left pleural cavities are separated by a thick wall called the c. umbilical d. popliteal e. cubital

7. Which of the following regions is not part of the upper limb?

a. plantar b. carpal c. cubital d. brachial e. palmar a. digestive system b. lymphatic system c. nervous system d. urinary system e. circulatory system

11. The forearm is said to be_when the palms are facing forward.

12. The superficial layer of the pleura is called the_pleura.

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