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1 ._are not used as fuel and are required in relatively small quantities.

a. Micronutrients b. Macronutrients c. Essential nutrients d. Proteins e. Lipids

2. The only significant digestible polysaccharide in the diet is a. glycogen.

b. cellulose.

c. starch.

d. maltose.

3. Which of the following stores the greatest amount of energy for the smallest amount of space in the body?

a. glucose b. triglycerides c. glycogen d. proteins e. vitamins

4. The lipoproteins that remove cholesterol from the tissues are a. chylomicrons.

b. lipoprotein lipases.

5. Proteins serve all of the following functions except to act as a. enzymes.

b. coenzymes.

c. hormones.

d. antibodies.

e. structural support for cells.

6. The primary function of B-complex vitamins is to act as a. structural components of cells.

b. sources of energy.

c. components of pigments.

d. antioxidants.

e. coenzymes.

7. FAD is reduced to FADH2 in a. glycolysis.

b. anaerobic fermentation.

c. the citric acid cycle.

d. the electron-transport chain.

e. p-oxidation of lipids.

8. The primary, direct benefit of anaerobic fermentation is to a. regenerate NAD + .

b. produce FADH2.

c. produce lactic acid.

d. dispose of pyruvic acid.

e. produce more ATP than glycolysis does.

9. Which of these occurs in the mitochondrial matrix?

a. glycolysis b. chemiosmosis c. the cytochrome reactions d. the citric acid cycle e. anaerobic fermentation

10. When the body emits more infrared energy than it absorbs, it is losing heat by a. convection.

b. forced convection.

c. conduction.

d. radiation.

e. evaporation.

11. A/an protein lacks one or more essential amino acids.

12. In the postabsorptive state, glycogen is hydrolyzed to liberate glucose. This process is called_.

13. Synthesis of glucose from amino acids or triglycerides is called

14. The major nitrogenous waste resulting from protein catabolism is_.

15. The organ that synthesizes the nitrogenous waste in question 14 is the_.

16. The absorptive state is regulated mainly by the hormone_.

17. The temperature of organs in the body cavities is called_.

18. The feeding center, satiety center, heat-losing center, and heat-promoting center are nuclei located in part of the brain called the_.

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1016 Part Four Regulation and Maintenance

19. The brightly colored, iron-containing, electron-transfer molecules of the inner mitochondrial membrane are called_.

20. The flow of H+ from the intermembrane space to the mitochondrial matrix creates an electrical current used by the enzyme _to make_.

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