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Assessment of Physical and Mental Happiness

Generic instruments now exist that are aimed at evaluating a patient's level of productive assimilation into his or her environment. The Short Form-36 (SF-36) is designed to assess physical and mental happiness in eight domains of health (1) physical function (10 items) (2) physical role limitations (4 items) (3) bodily pain (2 items) (4) vitality (4 items) (5) general health perceptions (5 items) (6) emotional role limitations (3 items) (7) social function (2 items) and (8) mental health (5 items). The underlying assumption is that mental and physical functions are readily separable aspects of health, but of course, this is not really the case.52'53 Predictably, patients' responses on the SF-36 tend to be strongly influenced by the type of operation they had. For example, a patient who has undergone total hip arthroplasty will feel better immediately one who has undergone lung resection for cancer may not feel particularly well immediately afterward but, ideally, will be relieved of...

The Ecological Role of Alkaloids

Senecio Alkaloid

They are not, therefore, endogenous chemicals produced by the activity of the organism's genes or regulated by its metabolism. It could be then concluded that the pyrrolizidine alkaloids sequestered and accumulated in these cases are needed along with other nutrients, and therefore they function as a source of vitality and metabolic activity for these organisms. Future studies should strive to further elucidate this enduring secret of alkaloids.

Classical Chinese Concepts Of Anatomy

Other intriguing entities that have no direct counterpart in Western anatomy and physiology have been called the life gate'' and the potential fire.'' Some scholars believe that classical Chinese theories about the ''life gate'' and the potential fire'' might be related to modern endocrinology. Joseph Needham called such classical theories ''physiological alchemy.'' Classic Chinese medical texts refer to the ''life gate'' as the repository of the primary life energy (ch'i or qi), which originated from the kidneys. In the male, this repository stores the essence and in the female it sustains the uterus. The theory of ''potential fire'' was ascribed to a physician who lived during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), which indicates that new entities and forces continued to appear in Chinese medical thought. The ''potential fire'', which originated in the abdomen, was controlled by body fluids, like the blood. Another form of ''fire'' was associated with the heart and was related to mental...

Pulpal reactions

Some degree of pulpitis is expected with orthodontic tooth movement which is usually reversible or transient. Rarely it leads to loss of vitality, but there may be an increase in pulpitis in previously traumatised teeth with fixed appliances. Light forces are advocated with traumatised teeth as well as baseline monitoring of vitality which should be repeated three monthly.18 Transient pulpitis may also be seen with electrothermal debonding of ceramic brackets19 and composite removal at debond.20


Excess weight shortens life expectancy and increases a person's risk of atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, joint pain and degeneration, kidney stones, and gallstones cancer of the breast, uterus, and liver in women and cancer of the colon, rectum, and prostate gland in men. The excess thoracic fat in obese people interferes with breathing and results in increased blood Pco2, sleepiness, and reduced vitality. Obesity is also a significant obstacle to successful surgery.

What Can Go Wrong

The periodontal condition of canines that have been moved into the correct position in the arch can deteriorate, this is particularly true if care has not been taken to ensure that the canine either erupts or is positioned into keratinised mucosa. There may also be damage to adjacent teeth during surgery, or indeed the surgeons can damage the canine itself with burs or other instruments. Figure 19 shows the crown of a canine which has clearly been grooved by a bur which was used for bone removal when the canine was exposed. It is quite easy to induce root resorption of adjacent teeth (either the lateral incisor or the first premolar), particularly if care is not taken in the direction of traction applied to the impacted canine. Loss of blood supply of adjacent teeth can also occur. It is quite common at the end of treatment to see a slightly darker crown of the permanent canine, this probably results from either a change in vascularity and vitality of the canines, or potentially...

Assessing Outcomes

We might, for example, say that the medical school's mission is to provide an education that optimizes the ratio of education to cost. Yet as soon as we make cost a component of our evaluation, certain aspects of medical education tend to take a back seat, and these are outcomes on which the vitality and integrity of the medical profession, and ultimately the health of patients, powerfully depend. For example, what happens to ethics and our attitude toward knowledge

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